Together with more than 5.000 backers from 67 countries, who all got their pans delivered on-time, we hacked the cookware industry and brought the Blackbeard to life. A dream came true. We can’t describe how grateful we are, thanks mateys!

New pirates want to climb on board as well. After receiving dozens of questions on Kickstarter, hundreds of emails and a lot of bottle messages for more chef-grade cookware for a fair price, we now honored your requests to launch Crowd Cookware’s Blackbeard frying pan once again.

Why settle for a pan that burns your delicious food because it doesn’t have a non-stick coating, or a non-stick coating that is flaking off into your food?

We set out to design the essential frying pan, because we believe quality cookware is at the heart of any great meal. In The Blackbeard, we saw an opportunity to create a next generation frying pan, implementing a new non-stick, non-scratch coating, on top of multiple layers of stainless steel. In the middle there is an aluminum core that evenly distributes the heat over the entire pan. This makes the Blackbeard energy friendly and suitable for all heat sources, including induction.

We wanted The Blackbeard to be effective without compromise, and at the same time inspirational: its sleek and minimalist design should invite cooks of all levels into the kitchen to create something great.

Thousands of backers are already using the Blackbeard on a daily basis, they are thrilled and want to expand their set. Others missed the Blackbeard campaign in the past and now they will have the opportunity get the non-stick, non-scratch Blackbeard pans.

On our Kickstarter campaigns you will find thousands of comments and reviews from backers, who use the Blackbeard on a daily basis.

Chef-grade pans usually do not come cheap. A lot of the price is taken up by marketing and promotional activities, which mainly focus on brand position and do not necessarily reflect the quality of the pan.

We believe the cookware industry needs pirates! So we are going directly to the source: we have found a ‘smuggling route’ that evades the big brands. The Blackbeard will be manufactured by the same producers as the chef-grade brands we all know. The only difference is that we are only paying for chef-grade manufacturing, not for all the big-brand frills.

That makes chef-grade cookware affordable for everyone. We believe that together we can hack the industry and create the essential frying pan, suitable for all stove types, and for a fair price.

And there they blow. The first pan of our Crowd Cookware fleet is the Blackbeard: the Blackbeard ∅24 cm, ∅28 cm with a new generation of non-stick coatings. Quality pans directly from the same factory that manufactures for many top brands. But now for the real price.

Now you can prepare your favorite dishes with stainless steel chef-quality pans, without burning your food. Without compromising on quality and with an eye for design. While being optimized for ease of use for cooks of all levels.

Thanks to the stainless steel honeycomb pattern that protrudes above the non-stick coating, the Blackbeard pans are scratch-resistant and extremely suitable for intensive use. Forget regular non-stick layers that start to wear out after 1 to 2 years of use, and where the coating layer ends up in your food: the stainless steel honeycomb pattern extends the lifespan of the current non-stick layers to at least 5 years.

We believe that a premium pan should be suitable for intensive use. That’s why our quality isn’t just premium: our pans can measure up to quality demands of top chefs. The base is formed by ultra-strong steel. This extremely strong three-layer construction forms the canvas for the honeycomb pattern that is etched into it. The dimples are then filled with a PFOA-free non-stick coating.

Cooking is smelling, tasting and feeling. When you hold the Blackbeard for the first time, you can feel and see the quality we had in mind. The pans are not too light, but certainly not too heavy. With these pans, we wink at you and the entire cookware industry: the mirror polishing of the Blackbeard pans provides a glorious and ultimate cooking experience. Smile!

Top chefs know better than anyone what it takes to create the perfect pan. That’s why we took their advice on board and riveted the handle onto the pan. The handle is made of solid cast stainless steel. To ensure that this handle allows minimal heat transfer, we came up with a thin attachment that we used to design the grip – again in consultation with various chefs. The result? A handle that fits perfectly into your hand and remains cool.

Food connects. Whether you’re cooking for yourself, preparing a dinner for two or treating the whole family to a delicious meal: with the Blackbeard ∅24, ∅28, you can prepare the dish of your choice for every occasion.

The road to perfection took a year during which we carefully looked at the design process, so that craftsmanship, design and love for cooking merge seamlessly. Piece by piece we put together our pan. We didn’t do it alone: we tested our prototypes extensively within our community, until we had the pan that – in our opinion – fits perfectly with what our community wants.

We rigorously tested prototypes of the Blackbeard with a very wide range of foodies. Among other things, we discovered that stainless steel thickness less than 2mm is suboptimal, but when it’s more than 3mm, the frying pan becomes too heavy for convenient handling. We found the perfect thickness to be 2.6mm.

We tested a huge range of handles, because the importance of the handle can’t be underestimated: it provides control and is closely linked to the pleasure of cooking. We also extensively tested how far the Blackbeard honeycomb coating should reach for maximum effect, leaving an area near the rim untouched. Last but not least: we bent the edge of the Blackbeard, but we finally put it upright. This allows you to pour without worrying about spillage. Both the saucepans and deep casseroles are designed using the successful techniques of the original Blackbeard frying pans, including a 2.6mm three-layer construction, honeycomb pattern and mirror polish.

Are you ready to start this adventure? Start this pirate mission with us and kick-start the Crowd Cookware Blackbeard Frying Pans. Join us and pre-order your ultimate Blackbeard.

The Blackbeard Pirate’s Set

Non-stick, non-scratch, stainless steel, long life and trusted by Michelin Star Chefs. 

Package contains: 

  • 1x The Blackbeard ø24cm/9.5” frying pan
  • 1x The Blackbeard ø28 cm/11” frying pan

Just like on Kickstarter, production will start when there are enough pirates on board. If not, your order will be fully refunded.

Estimated Delivery Time: Before Christmas 2020

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